Patch 0.1.815 (Preview)

– Lab Desk – placeable not working
– Main menu UI fixes
– Fixed Bee Hive (the table now takes up less space in the world )
– Fixed collision on some buildings
– Fixed sound issues with footsteps
– Electronics now takes 1 slot instead of 4
– Fixed issue with hoodie
– Fixed issue with first person clothing visibility
– Fixed issue with floating objects
– Hotfix for doors (Should be working fine now)
– Landscape material improvements

– Map Events (spawns events randomly on the map)
– Added few new locations (facility, new town, new industrial area, military cave base)
– Trader redesign
– Snow is now visible on the terrain when show is falling
– Added time and weather information on screen
– Added new crafting bench (Press – Will be used for collecting blood from meat/body parts, etc.)
– Added new AI spawn locations
– Added new Player spawn locations
– Added hospital
– Added shopping centar
– Added subway (will be expanded)
– Added restaurant
– Added workshop
– Added underground base (will be expanded)
– Added loot spawns to new locations
– Added Ghillie suit as craftable item
– Added new Backpack
– Added military helmet (gives more protection to head)
– Added few more items to spawn table (rope, etc.)
– Added Basic Vampire Enemy AI (Will spawn on Map events)
– Added Double Door and Double Door Frame (Base building)

– Preparation for questing and leveling are finished. Saving needs to be done for that.
– Werewolf Enemy AI

List is not completed yet..
Patch release: Will be released in the next few days.