TDW Patch 0.1.872

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This patch has we have focus on bug fixing critical issues that interrupts gameplay, map visual improvements and optimization using new technology, player movement trough level and overall QoL.

WARNING: There is a massive number of changes on map terrain and objects, we recommend that you delete your savegame.


– Fixed stats UI not showing correct values after respawn for client
– Inventory UI is now more readable and more user friendly
– Fixed character turning blocked after respawn
– Fixed respawning loot in containers
– Fixed door sound on metal containers
– Fixed campire and liquid press cannot be placed due collision issue
– Fixed issue when you cannot load ammo into a mag if is not in same equipment piece
– Fixed melee while sprinting
– Fixed issue when AI or Player cannot shot trough fences
– Fixed AI can now see player trough fences and glass
– Map optimization (10+ more fps)
– Map improvements and visuals


– New Questing components (new quest types)
– User stats UI now shows also numeric informations (example: Health 45/100 )
– Now on some locations on the map siren is warning up players when full moon is coming
– Added visual indicator on screen when player takes damage
– Added safe zone around the trader (safe zone won’t save you from starvation)
– Oxygen bar
– New FP animations for knifes
– Added climbing (Press [C] to climb/ Jump and Press [C] to grab wall and climb)
– Added vaulting (Press [C] to vault)