TDW Patch 0.1.864

    1. SHORT DESCRIPTION: This patch we have been focused on gunfight. A lot of new weapons, mechanics, new audio, ballistics.. Weapon handling in overall.. Old mechanics and weapon handling was very clunky. We now expect epic gunfights from you guys. This system is not finished. Will be a lot of tweaking. Cheers..
      – Minimap is now square and static
      – Compass is reworked
      – Some map design fixes
      – Revamped Audio & Ambient system based on Day/Night Cycle
      – Indoor/Outdoor Audio is now fixed – Bullet speed, range and recoil for assault rifles
      – Chambering audio
      – Knife attack audio
      – AI is despawning to quickly (you have now 5 min to loot human or gut animals)
      – Added more types of AI (Mission soldiers – more armor on NPC means that is heavier to kill them)
      – Loot spawning on corpses
      – Mission Loot has been reworked (now is also more rewarding loot)
      – New HQ Icons for weapons and attachments
      – Added BUG report button
      – Update equipment & clothes depend on weather (Wet clothes and snow on clothes and equipment)
      – Fireplace now deal damage when you are to close
      – Improved weapons fire sound
      – Improved weapon handling
      – Added 13 new types of ammo
      – Added 2 new Assault rifles
      – Added 2 Shotguns
      – Added 3 Pistols
      – Added 2 SMG’s
      – Added 2 Sniper rifles
      – Added 2/3 Parts for Ballistics (Bullet impact now gives sound and impact effect depend of surface type)
      – Added reloading sounds for all weapons
      – AI now react with audio gestures or statements
      – Added airdrop event
      – Added crash site event